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I'm Courtney, and after years of wanting to set off on a long-term travel journey, I finally left everything behind, and set off to South East Asia in March 2019.

My journey has been a much needed, but unexpected, unconditioning, unfolding, unearthing, grief-filled, growth-filled, pain-filled, and healing process. A daily letting go. A daily return to Self.

This began as a quest for Eastern spiritual teachings that I hoped would help me heal. After months of exploration, listening deeply to my feelings, and making many “wrong” turns, this quest for spirituality has led me to a more balanced, nature-based connection to others and the earth. My focus is on living creatively, truthfully, and in alignment with the natural order of things. I am constantly listening to my heart and my intuition. Every time I think I know something, it changes or grows. I’m learning to embrace this uncertainty and constant change. I’m learning to make the often difficult decisions that living a heart-based life requires.

I have done so much work on myself in the last ten years, and I feel that I am finally seeing results. I will be sharing more of this, but for now, the blog’s focus is on practical travel tips. Tips that will help you create the journey that you need to go on. The one your spirit is asking for.

"The very basic core of a (w0)man's living spirit is (her) passion for adventure." 

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