Holiday Gift Guide (for Your Girlfriend)

It can be hard to figure out what to get your girlfriend for the holidays, especially if you've waited until the last minute. PSA: Christmas is next week! I always like a good mix of practical vs. impractical gifts...though I lean heavily towards practical. So I've put together a gift guide for each. Pick 1 or 2 items from each guide depending on which way your girlfriend leans. 

For the impractical girlfriend. Although she doesn't need anything, you still have to get her something: 

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini – Purchase on Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Michaels and more. I wonder if Michael's will let you use their 40% off coupon? Either way, this is a fun gift for your girlfriend to preserve her memories. 

2. MeUndies – Matching underwear for both of you? How sweet! Check out their sweet Christmas pattern on their website

3. Jewelry – Find a unique piece of jewelry that you feel represents her. 

4. Semi-permanent Tattoos – These are awesome two week tattoos that would be fun for an occasion like a music festival or a party. 

5. Something for her homeSociety6 has thousands of patterns that you can apply to products like pillows, blankets, pictures, and more. 

For the practical girlfriend. Although she says she doesn't want anything, here are some fun and functional things she'll love:

1. Something functional – Get her something that simplifies her life. Is she carrying around an old wallet or purse stuffed with things you both know she doesn't want? Find something beautiful that will encourage her to lighten the load.

2. Something to do together – Whether it's a book to read together, or an activity you found on Groupon, practical girls love to collect experiences. 

3. A gift for someone else – Buy her a gift card to Kiva where she can distribute the money to someone in need. Or take her on a date to volunteer or do something meaningful. 

4. Her favorite snack – This reminds her you notice and love the little things about her. Splurge on a snack she wouldn't normally buy for herself. And if it's pancake mix? Might as well do breakfast in bed...

5. A Candle – What's nice about a candle? It gets used up. It has a function and then it's gone; a practical girl's dream gift. And hey, when this one is finished, it's also a cute bowl.