flea market

Before I found a “big girl” job, I used to clean houses (and tutor, and freelance, and work retail). I regularly cleaned for this older woman who always had a pile of recently bought junk I needed to sort through. Most of the time, this stuff was added to a spider-webby box in her ever-cluttering basement; but every now and then she did stumble upon a treasure. Once, she had several iron wall hooks and bottle openers that she purchased from the flea market. They were so gorgeous, and ornate that I decided to take a trip to the flea market and get myself some. Of course this was several months ago, and I just now got around to visiting. I found the seller with the iron work and bought this awesome rooster coat hanger (only $5!). 

I’m just a huge sucker for country inspired decor. He had hundreds of these types of things…mermaids, cats, rabbits, suns, fish as wall hooks, bottle openers, and decoration. I saw this awesome bunny that I have officially added to my Christmas list. You can see the huge pile of things to choose from. 

The seller hand-paints them and I just think everything he sells is so unique and wonderful. I’ll let you know if I get that bunny!