not for the casual chocolate lover

WARNING:This dessert is only for chocolate lovers that are ready to go the distance. Instead of my typical monday-celebrity-inspired-food, I’m going to post this cake I made for my little brother. He had his first day of high school yesterday, and he loves chocolate chocolate cake so I wanted to make him something fun to celebrate. This cake has 6 different levels of chocolatey-ness so get excited! And buy some vanilla ice cream…or milk, if you’re into that kind of thing.

[ingredients: 1 box chocolate cake mix and ingredients listed on box | chocolate chips | milk | 3 oz. instant chocolate pudding | chocolate frosting | oreos | hot fudge for sundaes]

Follow these directions to create an extra moist cake from the box mix. Add chocolate chips. Split into three 8 inch pans and bake according to time and temperature on box. Meanwhile, crush 1 part oreos and mix with 1 part hot fudge (no need to heat it).  Once the cake cools, put a little chocolate frosting on the first layer. Then put a heap of the oreo fudge mixture on top of that and spread it out. Top with the next layer of cake and repeat. Then frost the entire cake with the remaining chocolate icing.