peanut butter cups

{It’s been a while, sorry. Gosh, I’ve just been so busy….actually I’ve had a lot of failed recipes.}

Does anyone remember when Reese’s made crunchy peanut butter cups? Well, like many foods I’ve loved and lost, they took them off the shelves several years ago. So I decided to create my own version. If you love peanut butter cups, instead of buying a bag, try whipping these up! They will knock your socks off. Plus, they are so sweet and satisfying that you won’t sit around, popping them into your mouth until half the bag is gone.

[ingredients: chocolate chips | crunchy peanut butter | chocolate gold fish or chocolate teddy grahams | silicone baking cups (shown below)]

Melt the chocolate chips over a double boiler. Coat the bottom and about 1/4 inch up the sides of a silicone baking cup with the melted chocolate. Freeze. Once frozen, cover the bottom with a layer of chocolate goldfish. Spread a heaping lump of peanut butter (to your liking) on top of the chocolate fish. Put another layer of chocolate fish if you like. Then top with remaining melted chocolate. Pop them back in the freezer for a while, and then enjoy!

{I’m not going to lie; these are kind of a pain in the @$$ to make…but they are so worth it in the end. And there are endless possibilities once you’ve mastered it. Can you imagine white chocolate? filled with strawberry jelly and chocolate cookies? Or chocolate ganache and peppermint chips? Or caramel and peanuts? mmmmmm}