Holiday Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

I did a holiday gift guide last year, and it was so much fun. Here are my thoughts for a special 2016:

1. A Weekend Getaway — I love going on simple, low-cost getaways instead of doing gifts. It's a great memory and you can support local folks by shopping through sites like airbnb. For my birthday in June, we went to Linville Falls and stayed in the sweetest and tiniest little cabin. During the day we played frisbee, swam at the falls, and hiked. It was beautiful. 

2. Square Print Set — This is a very sweet way to look back on your year or life together. You can get these from Artifact Uprising, and they are great quality. Other places, like Parabo Press, may have them for cheaper, and sometimes free for your first order. There's lots of fun ways to display these at home. 

3. Jewelry — I feel like if you are successfully able to pick out a piece of jewelry for someone, you really know their style. Etsy has the coolest jewelry, and you can find some really affordable options. My favorite shops this season are Permanent BaggageDani Barbe, and Cartouche

4. Clutch — I don't usually like buying a lot of things that aren't purely practical. But for some reason, I'm sometimes tempted by cool and simple clutches, especially for holiday parties. If you are not on a all...the clutch pictured above is a really beautiful unique option. But I've also seen some really cool ones at Target that are 1/10 of that price. 

5. Donate or Volunteer Together — You could donate all your old blankets and jackets, spend a morning at the Soup Kitchen, buy gifts for a family in need, take food to a Ronald McDonald house...there's literally endless options. But it would be a special experience, that's a gift for you and someone else.