Nutella & Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars

I made my first recipe video ever. It's definitely not perfect, but it was a fun experiment. Either way, these ice cream bars are SO good...too good honestly. Everyone loves Nutty Bars, and their heads basically explode when they have them in this ice cream bar combo. Nutty bars, nutella, cookie dough, ice cream, omg.


  • 1 Package Nutty Bars
  • Nutella 
  • Any flavor ice cream, softened
  • Cookie dough, room temperature


  1. Line an 8x8 inch baking dish with saran wrap. (seriously, don't skip this step)
  2. Halve the nutty bars and line them in the dish.
  3. Spread nutella all over this layer.
  4. Spread room temperature cookie dough all over the nutella.
  5. Spread softened ice cream all over the cookie dough.
  6. Top with remaining nutty bar halves.
  7. Freeze overnight. Then use the saran wrap to help you remove from dish. Cut and serve!